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The Facial Smoothing Fluid is a dermocosmetic product containing 8% glycolic acid at low pH. It is formulated in a balanced way for the skin and certified as non-comedogenic. Although the pH is around 3, the product is well tolerated by all skin types without causing burning.

After the application of the WiQo facial smoothing fluid, it is necessary that the homeostatic mechanisms of the skin restore the physiological pH that has been lowered and therefore before applying another cream you must wait at least 30 minutes so as not to nullify the effect of the acidic product. The processes that bring the skin back to physiological pH constitute a sort of daily exercise that makes it always remain active in dermal stimulation.

WiQo Smoothing Fluid

  • Suitable for all skin types even during the summer (it avoids the thickening of the skin produced by UV rays).

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