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Derma Lift 5.0 is formulated for an immediate lifting effect combined with long-term peptide skin-boosting action. Its synergy of ingredients improves the appearance of free radical damage and the signs of skin aging.

For the appearance of sagging skin, expression lines and fine wrinkles. All skin types.

Fragrance free


  • 5% Peptides complex
    Combination of two amino acids linked to a fatty acid which improves skin penetration to help stimulate skin repairs and collagen synthesis for younger looking skin.

    4% Tensing agent
    Film former copolymer that provides an instant lifting effect.

    0.5% Bakuchiol
    Retinol-like agent derived from a vegetal source and known as an effective antioxidant. It stimulates the renewal of skin cells and collagen production.

    1% Ceramides
    Hydrating agent that reinforces the barrier function, provides a well-balanced moisture content and helps the skin to self-regenerate.

    Panthenol, Allantoin & Mineral cocktail
    Hydrating and nourishing actives that reinforce the skin barrier and intensely hydrate the skin.

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